Whether you are restoring a Heritage Home or adding character to your newer home, our experienced and strong customer attentiveness will be sure to satisfy.  Our goal is to provide a service that builds high-quality handcrafted products in a timely fashion with the utmost attention to detail, which reflects the warmth and craftsmanship of an earlier era.


DJC prides itself on quality, commitment, timely delivery, innovation, and environmental stewardship. Our services range from custom exhibits and displays, unique reception desks, kitchen and bathroom cabinetry along with other small projects and custom furniture.


“I have had four full room renovations done on my house over the last twenty years. In most cases, I have had to be on the spot at all times to supervise all of the work and make all of the decisions. I had [DJC] undertake a couple of smaller jobs and was completely satisfied with the quality of the work. As a result, I left [DJC] to perform a full room renovation and left for holidays. When I returned, the room was fully completed. The work was professionally done. [DJC] has the experience and creativity to make decisions and adjustments as required. The value of not having to supervise the job, but allow [DJC] to act as a general contractor saved money and aggravation.” - Don Hall

“He didn’t just mimic the original woodwork: after carefully studying the old muntins, he replicated the joinery. It’s more complicated than I can explain, with multiple intersecting angles and tenons, and I have no idea how he did it, but the results are perfect…

Besides having an ability to comprehend what we wanted and the skills to produce the desired results, Dan is a genuinely nice guy who’s easy and pleasant to work with. My husband and I recommend him without reservation.” - Sally Atwater

“Dan is a very “attention to detail” oriented carpenter. He has the natural talent and training necessary to finish each cut of wood and it’s placement with perfection. He also contributes good ideas based on his experience to the project at hand…
It was such a relief to have Dan be a bit ahead of time on the job. He was never late and even ran a couple errands for the job on his lunch hour to keep the job running smoothly. He remained punctual right to the completion of the project.” - Gail Butts

“I’ve done carpenter work all my life. Recently, I received a decorative piece of furniture from Dan Clark. The detail, use of complimentary hardwoord and fine elaborate carpentry is the best I have ever seen. Period. This piece is commented on by all visitors to my home as it stands out as the most attractive furniture anyone has ever seen. It’s not furniture; it’s an investment in art.” - Doug Anthony